About His Family (The Book)


Chapter 1

Half a Hundred Years Old

He is about half a hundred years old and he has no relationship with his family or his child. He has a family that doesn’t know about  caring about other people other than themselves. So involved in their relationships, friends and others. He has grown bitter known the fact that the union of family and spending time together doesn’t matter in these times. Oh me oh my I am not where I want to be in life so I don’t have to care or show acts of kindness because I’m not where I want to be in my life. So what I am his Uncle I don’t have to stop hanging out with the fellas to stop by and say hey, how’s it going? I don’t have to set a day this holiday after all we haven’t spent the holidays together for over 20 years and I’m still busy with the old lady family this year.

He reflected on how family members would have some family events but not include him but have the nerve to tell him about the event and what happened there. Doing his best to hide his personal feeling he would say things like, ‘oh wild it sounds like you all had a good time.’ Never would he say, ‘I am family also and why didn’t you let me know about the event date?’ He never adjusted to phoniness of society to not speak on how  he felt about his family member’s  choice not to include him into family events. He analyzed how other people put on airs and noted that to be accepted he must clone his real feelings and go with the bandwagon flow of things. at his core he knew that these people really didn’t care about him but he took some kind of comfort in knowing that these same people that he is talking about don’t even care about themselves or their children. A man once said, “your family is all you got so look after each other.”